Endhiran (Robot) Action Sequence

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Cinematic action sequence of hypothetical robotic permutations. Science fiction approach to hive mind and nano-robotics. Over the top, but imaginative.

Cultural Messaging: The English Language In 24 Accents

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Enlightened dramatized perspective on how the English language is communicated around the world from regional cultural filters. Each version has a specific character shaped by its social sphere of influence. Cultural form is the message.

The focus is on the accent. Some of the content in the video may seem offensive, but it’s simply improvised street language to convey the accent.

Impossible Software Startup

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Impossible Software dynamically delivers product placement to the digital video advertising industry. A potentially innovative technology if applied judiciously and not misappropriated by crass intrusive advertising.

Sacred Lands Timelapse photography

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Josh Owens shot this timelapse series over five days in Eastern California, with a Stage Zero Beta Kit.