Mary Meeker – Internet Trends 2013

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Mary Meeker presenting her Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends 2013 Report at the D11 conference, revealing online insights and emerging trends.

Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2012

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KPCB Internet Trends – 2012

Here’s Mary’s latest slide deck. (5/30/2012)

Mary Meeker’s 2011 Web 2.0 Summit Presentation

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Mary Meeker (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)
Mobile is a big part of this year’s presentation, but still in its early stages.

“Before Steve Jobs…computers were utilitarian tools for computation.
After Steve…computers became beautiful objects we could use in thousands of ways to aim to make life better.”

Most interesting is a global perspective of mobile usage in the technology landscape.

Max Levchin interview (Part 2)

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Continuation of Om Malik’s interview with Max Levchin on what startups can learn from his PayPal and Slide experience. (Part 2 of 2) (24 min)

Max Levchin interview, co-creator of PayPal and founder of Slide. (Part 1)

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Om Malik interview with Max Levchin on what startups can learn from his PayPal and Slide experience. (Part 1 of 2) (16:30 min)

Visualizing Pressible

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Jer Thorp is an artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada. Using Processing, he created this animation, showing an evolving system over the span of a year.

About his work: “I’ll be working with data from Pressible, a network of sites published by Teachers College students, faculty and staff. I’m interested in looking at the growth of this system, and in examining intertextuality between content in a network with a broad range of research interests.”

Yochai Benkler on the wealth of networks

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Five years ago Benkler presented his views on how open source social production would transform markets, and looking back we can see how quickly nascent economies based on collective production can shift the balance of power.
(2005) (18 min.)

Organizing Twitter’s Content into Segments

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“Eddi” organizes Twitter’s content. Researchers at PARC Lab, feed tweets into a search engine to extract content topics. “Eddi” takes the tweets, and feeds them into Yahoo!’s search engine. The search engine points “Eddi” to the topics contained in the tweet. “Eddi” then classifies all the tweets, and summarizes all the activity in a tag cloud. This approach generates tags by tapping the web’s collective intelligence.

Douglas Rushkoff on Being a Programmer or Being Programmed

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SWSX, Austin TX. Rushkoff’s talk on the value of being an active participant in the programming of technology’s ecosystem.

Steve Gillmor Panel on the Significance of the iPad

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Steve Gillmor, Nicholas Carr, Doc Searls, Robert Scoble, and Kevin Marks.
Fresh perspectives and context from different POVs, making some sense out of its impact and ramifications. (Jan 28, 2010, 55 min)