Samsung’s 14-inch transparent OLED Laptop screen

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First and largest transparent OLED Panel prototype. Designed for use in applications, smartphones, animated photo ID cards. Applied to tablets, with Augmented Reality apps would be a nice start.

Augmented Reality computing interface, iPhone app Parrot AR.Drone.

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AR Video Games use the world seen through your mobile device’s camera. The screen functions as a viewfinder, and as a layered computer screen. On location, GPS and on-board-compass allow superimposition of information/graphics on scenes in the viewfinder.

Sekai Camera, a Social Augmented Reality application, enables users to communicate by attaching digital info on top of the real world. In the AR.Drone demo, the iPhone is the remote controller, additional cameras on the flying drones let you see their POV and provide engagement with other drones.

Time for accelerated experimentation.

Augmented Reality: Future Learning

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Realtà Aumentata – Augmented Reality from soryn on Vimeo.

Well produced Italian conceptual video on augmented learning by walking around and retrieving context with AR glasses.
(c. 2008)

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