Leap Motion 3D Gesture Control Interface

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Leap Motion technology. Controlling your computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.

Taking Touch Screen Interfaces Into A New Dimension

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The Tactus tactile surface, has a deformable physical layer that provides user with tactile feedback.

KARA on Awareness

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Kara by David Gage, Quantic Dream.

On Seeing. EG at Monterey Conference Center

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EG Conference is a gathering of people in media, technology, entertainment and education. Location: Monterey, California.

Ancient Cymatics Process to Create Visual Sound Patterns

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Demonstration by Japanese artist Kenichi Kanazawa on how various frequencies of oscillating sounds create emerging visual patterns.
Higher frequencies generate a range of complex patterns.
(Audio track kicks in at 0:25)

Touchable Holography

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Experiments in touch holography by Shinoda Lab, using Wiimotes for tracking and airborne Ultrasound tactile displays for feeling holographic objects.

Glass Technology and Interface Sensors

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Corning Glass possibilities for a future visualization of specialty glass.

Opening for Transmediale

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Visual interaction concept for the opening of Transmediale Festival, Berlin, on Biomedial Politics in the Age of Digital Liveness.

BODY:RESPONSE explores the (post-)human conditions of aggregation in the relation between body and technology and specific biopolitical and bio-economical trends affecting the (post-)human body and it’s relation to the world.

STRP Art/Technology Festival 2010

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STRP Festival is a 10 day event filled with art, music and technology in Eindhoven, Holland.
Art augmented by social technologies that we use on the internet.
Sensory experiences triggered in social context. This is just the beginning of Art’s expansion in uncharted territories.

G-Speak, post-GUI interface

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Gestural interface powered by a pair of gloves, capable of supporting multiple pairs of hands. The system uses embedded cameras to sense spatial hand movements and track real-time interaction.

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