Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O 2012

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The Project Glass team combined skydiving and mountain biking, and shared the experience, wearing Google Glass, at Google I/O 2012.

Mosaic Time-Lapse Visualization of the Sky

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A History of the Sky.
A tapestry of of 360 time-lapse movies over a one year period, capturing an image every ten seconds, each frame sequencing a 24-hour period, arranged chronologically and by time of day, in a grid of 360 rectangles.

3D Displays Without Screens

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Aerial 3D technology produces 3D images in mid-air or underwater without using a screen. Laser light produces plasma excitation from oxygen and nitrogen in the air.

CG “iPhone 5.2” Concept

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Thinner iPhone, with laser keyboard projection and display hologram

Touchable Holography

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Experiments in touch holography by Shinoda Lab, using Wiimotes for tracking and airborne Ultrasound tactile displays for feeling holographic objects.

Augmented Reality and Artificial Vision

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Augmented Reality and Artificial Vision technologies by NeuroSystems.
AR is moving forward with refined and polished execution.

Glass Technology and Interface Sensors

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Corning Glass possibilities for a future visualization of specialty glass.

LED Sculpture Construction Process

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Physical engineering of a cam-driven LED Sculpture. Constructed at the workshop of 2D3D Ltd in Park Royal.

Opening for Transmediale

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Visual interaction concept for the opening of Transmediale Festival, Berlin, on Biomedial Politics in the Age of Digital Liveness.

BODY:RESPONSE explores the (post-)human conditions of aggregation in the relation between body and technology and specific biopolitical and bio-economical trends affecting the (post-)human body and it’s relation to the world.

Impossible Software Startup

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Impossible Software dynamically delivers product placement to the digital video advertising industry. A potentially innovative technology if applied judiciously and not misappropriated by crass intrusive advertising.

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