Reid Hoffman meet AI Twin

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Recently created an AI version of himself and recorded a Q&A to see how his digital twin might challenge him in new ways.

Rubik’s Cube with a Robot Hand

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Training a pair of neural networks to solve the Rubik’s Cube with a human-like robot hand.

Realtime Facial Capture – UE5 Metahuman

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Testing UE5 Metahuman Creator.

MegaPortraits – Megapixel Neural Head Avatars

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“We propose a system for the one-shot creation of high-resolution human avatars, called megapixel portraits or MegaPortraits for short …. Our model imposes the motion of the driving frame (i.e., the head pose and the facial expression) onto the appearance of the source frame to produce an output image.”

Tessellated Tetra Sculpture from Volvox

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“Experiential Design outfit Volvox Labs’ magnificent Tessellated Tetra Sculpture is a meandering kinetic installation spanning nearly 100 ft with 300 individual computer-driven motors, and 150 programmed LED lights.” “Architectural design partner, Gensler conceptualized the idea and the Volvox team was brought on to engineer, design, and develop Tetra.”

GeoMusica – Piano #6

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“Structured as a multi-layer composing tool, focused on geometrical parameters that can be set with special proportions and shapes, used as a MIDI note generator, connected with favorite electronic instruments to reproduce musical output.”

Ludwig Göransson – Freeport

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TENET – Film Soundtrack

Conceptual time inversion process.

Alberto Iglesias – George Smiley

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Film Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer – Time – Inception

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Hans Zimmer, Live in Prague.

Atlas Robot, Parkour Athlete from Boston Dynamics.

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“Atlas can jump from elevated block to elevated block, and do a complete about-face in the air. It can leap pretty high, backflip and celebrate its backflipping ability.”

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