Maniman, A Hand-Drawn Short Film

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Transcendental hand-drawn animation.

“Two brothers know an old man since ever. He, of course, has a man inside him and in this man another man. They live in friendly symbiosis. Then they die one after another. The kids are the first to notice.”

“This short film explores the theme of aging and death from a child-like point of view, giving it the most distant and natural touch possible.”
Story & voice: Roland Br├╝ckner. Animation: Alexander Gellner.

Design Innovation “The Story of Eames Furniture”, Modernism and Functionalism

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The Story of Eames Furniture: Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart – Interview from Gestalten on Vimeo.

In this video interview, Marilyn and John Neuhart tell the story of working with designers Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s.

LED Sculpture Construction Process

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Physical engineering of a cam-driven LED Sculpture. Constructed at the workshop of 2D3D Ltd in Park Royal.

Putting Back the Face into Typeface

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Putting Back the Face into Typeface.
Some perspectives on the influence of letterforms on our information environment from typographer and design colleague Erik Spiekermann.

Future Magic with Tablet Light Painting

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Light frame animation using a computer Tablet for frame exposure delivery.

The Tablet is used to “light paint” single photos, which are then put together as stop-frame animations. The frames run on the Tablet which is tracked in front of a camera set on a long exposure.

Photographic and animation techniques were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with the Tablet.

Scott Summit, 3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution

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Scott Summit, a co-founder of Bespoke, “wanted to create a leg that had a level of humanity”, using advanced 3-D printing to create prosthetic limbs.

3D Display, LED Fitted Airborne Mechanical Fireflies

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MIT SENSEable Lab’s approach in using micro-helicopters as smart LED pixels. These mechanical fireflies are remotely controlled and configured in a dimensional swarm producing morphing luminescent 3D displays.

Interaction of Color and Light, LEDColourLab

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Two installations from the Zurich ColourLight Center that play with LED lighting and colored surfaces. This is an examination of design-relevant phenomena of the interaction between light and colour, developing knowledge and result-oriented methods for relevant research solutions.

Samsung Flexible AM OLED Technology as new design component

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OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes), are finally accessible, do not require a backlight to function, can display deep blacks, draw less power, and are thinner and lighter than LCD panels.

Foldable OLEDs have substrates made of very flexible metallic foils/plastics, are lightweight, durable, and their use in devices can reduce breakage issues. These flexible displays are ready to be applied to a whole new generation of imaginative applications. Another design tool for conceptual expression.

Designer Philippe Starck on the roots of “Why design?”

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This is a TED talk by designer Philippe Starck from a few years ago. He touches on perspectives necessary to expand our view of what we do in life and why it’s relevant, delivering playful evolutionary context to our role as a species.

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